Environmental aspects

The United States Green Building Council (USGBC) defines green sustainable construction materials as those materials composed of renewable, recyclable or reusable resources that can be used indefinitely without negatively impacting the environment.


Worldwide, the production of Portland cement contributes 6% to 10% of all human generated CO2 gases released annually. One ton of CO2 is produced for every ton of Portland cement manufactured. CERATECH’s cement is produced via low energy powder blending processes versus the extreme high temperature, foreign oil burning Portland cement manufacturing process.


Ceratech utilizes post industrial waste stream to produce the only high performance structural cement in the world that’s comprised of more than 90% recycled waste materials.


Widespread adoption of Ceratechs cement technology for new construction projects, precast product manufacturing and infrastructure repair will make an immediate as well as long term positive impact on the worlds environment and climate change issues.